Supporting schools to understand the spectrum of cloud technologies, why they are important
and how they can be used effectively in education

The spectrum for the use of cloud technologies in schools varies from just using ‘web’ based applications or games (game based learning), to email / documents in the cloud via Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365, through to moving physical school based servers to those services provided in the cloud using platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. As a result, cloud technology is becoming the pivot for content and resource creation, collaboration and distribution. It links all school ICT assets and devices, providing for a comprehensive set of functionality; from increasing the life of devices such as PCs and laptops to having Wifi and phone systems located and managed in the cloud.

The challenge schools face is to understand where they are on the spectrum of cloud technology, where they may wish to get to and importantly, why they want to get there. 

By being informed and making considered decisions schools can make better decisions regarding technology, and as a result, provide the right resources to teachers to support teaching and learning.

Using case studies, views of the industry and examples of technology used well, Cloud9ine provides school leaders with the foundations from which to plan how technology should support teaching and learning in their school.

Cloud9ine provides a forum for schools and those companies within the education technology sector to share best practice and learn. Cloud9ine has been created by independent technology specialists in Education, 9ine Consulting.


9ine Consulting are leading independent technology specialists in Education. We support schools to understand how they should be using technology effectively, then support them strategically, operationally, technically and in the classroom. Our action oriented approach focuses on working from the classroom out, in identifying the resources needed to support teachers improve their professional practice using technology. We are entirely independent, do not sell software or hardware, placing whole school improvement at the centre of our services. For more information on 9ine and how we can support your school please visit the 9ine website.

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