Mark Orchison


Mark Orchison founded 9ine Consulting in 2009 with the objective of creating a unique, independent consultancy that places quality, excellence and innovation at the heart of the organisation. Mark feels that 9ine’s clients deserve to be partners in the delivery of their complex technology change programme. Thus 9ine’s mantra is to work together in honest partnership with our clients to deliver value.

Mark worked for Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) in their new volume server products research and development division. During his time as a Management Consultant, Mark worked for Hornagold & Hills and Tuner & Townsend. He has experience of a range of IT and infrastructure projects, including working in the Programme Leadership team for the construction and commissioning of Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

Mark is passionate about the use of IT in education and how this ever changing landscape can really make a positive difference to teaching and learning. Having seen first hand how large amounts of money can be wasted in the education sector on technology that does not meet the teaching and learning vision or goals of Educators, Mark has focussed the 9ine Team on supporting schools, academies and trusts to understand the many benefits of technology in education whilst using their budgets effectively.