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Renaldo Lawrence

Renaldo Lawrence develops and deploys interactive learning resources for staff, faculty, and students as an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Advanced Skills teacher. He consults and trains across the United States and Europe on how to create and use digital media, web design, and e-Learning applications in the classroom.

Renaldo is an Senior Associate of the Academy for Innovation, London, an Accredited Lecturer with both the Academy and the Claude Littner Business School, University of West London.

Renaldo is an Adobe Education Leader, Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Teacher and Teacher developer, Member of Naace and an Advanced Skills teacher. He also holds his Masters in education.

Renaldo was drafted by the NBA’s San Diego Clippers basketball (Los Angles Clippers), he is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for scoring 73 points in a game and is the 4th leading scorer in the history of British basketball. He also has a son, Andrew Lawrence who played for Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics.

Mark Dilworth

Mark Dilworth is the Director of Educational Technology and ZIS Innovates at Zurich International School, Switzerland. He has over ten years experience as an elementary teacher, social studies teacher and technology coordinator at international schools in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Mark has lead the implementation of a 1-to-1 device program at Zurich International School. In his current role he creates and supports professional development for faculty to support teaching and learning and coordinates research & development of new ideas as they relate to curriculum design and effective use of technology.

Rob Potter

Rob Potter is the lead software architect at RM Education and has worked in the education sector for nine years. He is passionate about the benefits that the cloud can bring to UK education and focusses on creating technologies that empower schools to make the most of online services. Prior to working in edtech, Rob was a developer in the retail and banking sectors, developing point of sale, chip and pin and e-commerce solutions. Twitter: @pottify

James Penny

James Penny is currently Solutions Director at European Electronique, helping create and bring their Freedom Cloud solution to the market. In a wide ranging career James taught Maths, IT and Music, worked for IBM in a global role looking at the impact of technology on learning outcomes and has helped a wide range of organisations take advantage of cloud technologies. James is passionate about the role technology plays in opening up possibilities for learners of all ages.

Gary Spracklen

Gary Spracklen is Director of Change and Innovation at IPACA (Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy), a member of the Department for Education’s ETAG (Education Technology Action Group) and former South West Digital Educator of the Year (2012).

At IPACA, Gary has led a highly progressive programme of innovation in learning which has seen the school adopt a stage-not-age, all-through approach to learning and teaching. In September 2013, Gary led IPACA to become the first large-scale 1:1 deployment of Google Chromebooks in the UK, the programme builds on IPACA’s strong vision to see technology transform learning. Gary is very much at the forefront of making this vision a reality.

Prior to working at IPACA Gary was Acting Assistant Headteacher at the Prince of Wales First School in Dorchester where he developed a reputation for his drive, enthusiasm and the innovative use of technology to both challenge and support all children to reach their full potential. It was as a result of his work using iPads with children with physical disabilities that Gary won the South West Digital Educator Award in 2012.

Guy Bates

Guy Bates is Business Development Director at XMA. His roles include advising schools on the strategic use of ICT in learning, teaching, management, administration and their specialisms.

Of special interest to Guy is Project Based Learning (PBL) and enrichment. As a STEM Ambassador, Guy supports schools in bringing real-world learning to the curriculum, so that children can use ICT to explore, research, evaluate, solve problems and create. Activities include the National Schools’ Astronaut Tour, computer coding challenges, creation of electronic books with published children’s authors and drama work promoting e-safety. Guy coordinates XMA’s participation and funding of many such projects, where ICT can lead to innovation.

Key to Project Based Learning is collaboration, for which fantastic technologies are emerging, principally in the Cloud. XMA and 9ine are able to guide schools to see how cloud and local technologies can support collaboration, workflow and obtaining value for money.

Paul Finnis

Paul Finnis is the CEO of the e-learning Foundation. Paul has worked within the charity / ngo sector for 25 years. The last 10 years have seen a closer focus on education from helping to set up the British Council for School Environments to leading a British education ngo in Vietnam. Paul has seen first-hand the power that the right early intervention in education has to profoundly change lives. He could not be happier in his new role where he is able to support schools, teachers and families in seeing just how life-changing learning can also be when technology is introduced into the mix. Paul describes himself as a “man on a mission” in that he wants those struggling most at school to turn disadvantage into advantage and to see every one of those children benefitting as soon as possible.

Jonathan Bishop

Jonathan Bishop is the Headteacher of Broadclyst Primary School which achieved the first Academy status for a Primary school in Devon. He has been at the school for 17 years. Since becoming Headteacher in 2010 he has pioneered the way in developing media rich digital classrooms, home access systems, collaborative and creative online learning spaces and established working partnerships with firms and schools around the world. Jonathan’s experience of a creative curriculum and integration of ICT into the classroom ensures he is a regular speaker at education conferences worldwide.

As a Microsoft Showcase School, Broadclyst is part of the Global Partners in Learning Programme. Jonathan’s Global Enterprise Challenge brings 20 schools from 20 countries together, and was founded after a successful bid for funding from through the Microsoft Pitch Competition.

Jonathan is a National Leader of Education proving support to other schools through the Teaching School. He is part of the DfE Primary Academy Programme and is pioneering and championing with the DfE, 2 year olds in school.

Broadclyst Primary is a Teaching School, a National Support School, an Academy Sponsor, and is currently applying to set up a Free School to be part of the Cornerstone Primary Academy Trust.

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